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services-massMass Recruitment Services

Mass recruitment projects presuppose forming – within a short period of time – a large pool of candidates who meet required qualifications. This model allows you to satisfy the need of resources when you face short notice ramp-ups in your organization, new projects, opening of new factories, large supermarket chains, hotels, call centers, etc.

HMG LINKS uses all available sources in mass recruitment. For each mass recruitment project we set up a working group that conducts search, assessment and selection of candidates for presentation to the client. We possess the tools and capacity necessary to attract and process a significant number of recruits. After an initial screening, our recruiters speedily conduct interviews, psychological assessment and knowledge and skills tests. Depending upon the project size and duration, HMG LINKS can establish, maintain and operate an internal or external assessment center.

Search stages

  •  Gathering comprehensive information about the project;
  •  HMG Link’s database and online search;
  •  Advertising on HMG Link’s website, specialized job websites;
  •  Cooperation with relevant educational institutions;
  •  Selection and assessment of candidates;
  •  Selecting a candidate pool for presentation to the Client;
  •  Organizing Client’s group and individual interviews with the candidates;

Individual solutions to mass recruitment include:

  •  Preparing needs assessment by professionals with proven experience in the sector and extensive knowledge of the local labor market;
  •  Assistance in creating job descriptions and pay scales;
  •  Preparing and placing of advertisements in specialty press;
  •  Prequalifying responses, checking skill set, education and references;
  •  Arranging and conducting interviews, skill tests and other diagnostic assessments;
  •  Preparing and presenting contracts if necessary;

Mass Recruitment services provide our clients with:

  •  An experienced team of recruiters;
  •  Discretion and full confidentiality;
  •  A wide range of modern tools for the selection, verification and in-depth assessment of the candidates’ competencies in a short period of time;
  •  Verified candidate quality that improves retention rates for the employee’s long-term success at your company, reducing turnover and future HR expenses;
  •  A dedicated HR consultant that ensures seamless communication and coordination of the entire project regardless of size or complexity;

Solid Partnership

HMG LINKS has the skills, tools and competence to complete successfully each stage of the mass recruitment process. Our consultants are uniquely qualified to integrate mass recruitment o provide a comprehensive solution for your HR needs.

Contact HMG LINKS. Our experienced consultants are eager to meet the mass recruitment needs of your company.

Our professional placement experience includes, but is not limited to, the following roles:

  • Call Center Operator
  • Call Center Specialist
  • Telemarketing Agent
  • Telesales Specialist
  • IT Service Desk Technician
  • Customer Care Specialist
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Accounts Payable Associate
  • Accounts Receivable Associate
  • Shop Assistant
  • Promoter
  • Hotel Staff
  • Manufacturing Staff

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