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At HMG LINKS we are passionate about finding you the right opportunity – one that drives and excites you. We strongly believe in an honest and ethical approach to recruitment. We build long term relationships with our candidates with a view to helping them throughout their career.

In today’s market it is as much about finding the right company to work for as it is the right position. At HMG LINKS we want to find the proper role for your career, always give an honest appraisal of the companies and job opportunities we run past you.

Latest Jobs

Non-IT Vacancies Date Location
Машинен Инженер – Конструктор 15/05/2024 Sofia
Assembly Technician 02/05/2024 Sofia
Supplier Quality Engineer – Chem... 24/04/2024 Sofia
Technologist – Mechanical Engine... 17/04/2024 Sofia
Employer Branding & Recruitment E... 10/04/2024 Varna
Сервизен Инженер-Електроника 08/04/2024 София
Experienced Accountant 03/04/2024 Varna
Mechanical Design Engineer 28/03/2024 Sofia
Electronic Service Engineer 21/03/2024 Sofia
Administrative Assistant 12/03/2024 Sofia
Инженер-Геолог 04/03/2024 Varna
Счетоводител 13/02/2024 Varna
Technical Writer/Documentation Special... 08/01/2024 Sofia
Warehouse Logistics Specialist 31/10/2023 Sofia
Single Accountant 17/10/2023 Sofia
Sales Administrative Assistant 14/09/2023 Sofia
Data Entry / Processing Specialist 05/09/2023 Sofia
Personal Assistant to the CEO 04/09/2023 Sofia
Civil Engineer 01/09/2023 Varna
Receptionist 29/08/2023 Varna
Accounts Payable (AP) Specialist 21/08/2023 Varna
Строителен Инженер 15/08/2023 Varna
Logistics Specialist 14/08/2023 Sofia
Office Assistant 03/08/2023 Sofia
Sales Assistant 01/08/2023 Sofia
Sales Support Specialist 17/07/2023 Sofia
HR Admininistration & Payroll Exp... 07/07/2023 Rousse
Accounts Payable Accountant with Hunga... 16/06/2023 Sofia
Purchase To Pay (P2P) Accounting Analy... 09/06/2023 Varna
Junior Accountant 01/06/2023 Varna
Accounts Payable Lead 29/05/2023 Varna
Accounts Payable Specialist with Germa... 18/04/2023 Sofia
Accountant 28/03/2023 Sofia
Office Manager 20/03/2023 Sofia
Supplier Quality Engineer – IMDS... 15/03/2023 Sofia
Experienced Accountant 20/12/2022 Sofia
Ecommerce Operations Specialist 16/12/2022 Sofia
Fleet Manager 15/12/2022 Sofia
Purchasing Operations Administrator 09/12/2022 Sofia
Operations and Administrative Speciali... 07/12/2022 Sofia
Telesales Agents with English 29/11/2022 Sofia
PCB Layout Design Engineer 12/10/2022 Sofia
Back Office Assistant 03/10/2022 Sofia
Senior Logistics Specialist 15/08/2022 Varna
Online Sports Betting Manager 11/08/2022 Sofia
Marketing Expert 15/07/2022 Sofia
Senior Commercial Operations Specialis... 12/07/2022 Sofia
Technical Auditor (Chemistry/Material ... 05/07/2022 Sofia
Group Financial Controller Specialist 08/06/2022 Sofia
Business Data Analyst 17/05/2022 Sofia
Dispatchers/Disponents (Transportation... 10/05/2022 Sofia
Team Lead Commercial Operations 26/04/2022 Sofia
Sales Representative 06/04/2022 Sofia
Инженер Качество 04/04/2022 Pernik
Insurance Claims Specialist 28/03/2022 Sofia
Senior Operations Specialist 14/03/2022 Sofia
Senior Accountant 13/01/2022 Sofia
Material Auditor – International... 10/01/2022 Sofia
Marketing Project Manager 20/12/2021 Sofia
Senior Accountant 17/12/2021 Varna
Project Manager / Compliance Officer 17/12/2021 Sofia
Facility Manager 15/12/2021 Sofia
Operations Manager 09/12/2021 Sofia
Payroll Specialist 06/12/2021 Sofia
Social Media Marketing Expert 03/12/2021 Sofia
Digital Media Buyer 01/12/2021 Sofia
Credit Risk and Compliance Analyst 26/11/2021 Sofia
Sales Director 24/11/2021 Sofia
SAP MD Analyst (Vendors/Customers) 24/11/2021 Sofia
Ecommerce Trading Manager 15/11/2021 Sofia
Office Manager 08/11/2021 Varna
Junior Legal Advisor – Commercial and ... 01/11/2021 Sofia
CNC Програмист – Абкант преси 29/10/2021 Pernik
Recruitment Consultant 25/10/2021 Sofia
Operations Specialist with Greek 19/10/2021 Varna
Technical Writer 14/10/2021 Sofia
Флотен Мениджър 14/10/2021 Sofia
Head of Legal Department 12/10/2021 Varna
Accountant 10/05/2021 Sofia
Administrative Project Coordinator 10/02/2021 Sofia
Content Writer 05/01/2021 Sofia
Product Manager / Project Coordinator 27/11/2020 Sofia
Online Casino Manager 25/11/2020 Sofia
Marketing Officer 09/11/2020 Sofia
Office Assistant 06/11/2020 Sofia
Sales Assistant 30/09/2020 Sofia
Office Assistant 15/07/2020 Montana
Administrative Assistant – Operations ... 19/05/2020 Sofia
Ecommerce Business Operations Speciali... 11/03/2020 Sofia
Office Assistant 14/01/2020 Sofia
Key Account Manager – Existing C... 05/12/2019 Sofia
Pricing & Control Manager 26/11/2019 Sofia
Supply Chain Manager 20/11/2019 Plovdiv
Automotive Supplier Quality Engineer 19/11/2019 Sofia
Commercial Director 18/11/2019 Sofia
Assistant Financial Controller 15/11/2019 Sofia
HR Compensation & Benefits Expert 11/11/2019 Sofia
Technical Documentation Engineer 01/11/2019 Sofia
Licensing Specialist 30/10/2019 Sofia
Technical Assistant in Data Processing... 28/10/2019 Sofia
Business Analyst 23/10/2019 Sofia
Transport Manager 17/10/2019 Sofia
Technical Assistant 02/09/2019 Sofia
Purchasing Operations Administrator 23/07/2019 Sofia
Front Office Assistant 03/06/2019 Sofia
Data Entry Executive 31/05/2019 Sofia
Pricing / Market Research Specialist 07/05/2019 Sofia
Automotive Market Research Executive 24/04/2019 Sofia
Research Analyst 17/04/2019 Sofia
Supplier Quality Specialist 14/02/2019 Sofia
Marketing Officer 30/01/2019 Sofia
Customer Relationships Representative 24/01/2019 Sofia
SAP Master Data Specialist 08/01/2019 Sofia
Used Cars Sales Representative 27/11/2018 Sofia
Office Assistant 13/11/2018 Sofia
Digital Marketing Account Manager 12/11/2018 Sofia
Project Manager 09/11/2018 Sofia
Back Office Operations and Reporting O... 07/11/2018 Sofia
Chief Financial Officer 01/11/2018 Sofia
Head of Procurement Department 31/10/2018 Varna
PCB Design Engineer 29/10/2018 Sofia
Office Manager 25/10/2018 Sofia
Sales Engineer 23/10/2018 Sofia
Business Development Executive – Opera... 16/10/2018 Sofia
Sales Agent 12/10/2018 Sofia
Digital Marketing Specialist 08/10/2018 Sofia
Reporting Specialist 05/10/2018 Sofia
English Account Executive 03/10/2018 Varna
Account Manager with Greek 20/08/2018 Sofia
Chief Accountant 13/08/2018 Sofia
Assistant Financial Controller 27/07/2018 Sofia
Administrative Sales Assistant 26/07/2018 Sofia
Mechanical Design Engineer 23/07/2018 Sofia
Transport Manager 18/07/2018 Sevlievo
Mechanical Design Engineer 17/07/2018 Sofia
Corporate Service Associate with Germa... 12/07/2018 Sofia
Recruitment Specialist 04/04/2018 Varna
Конструктoр – технолог 03/04/2018 Montana
Account Manager with Italian 03/04/2018 Sofia
Мениджър Продажби 19/09/2017 Shumen
Sales Executive (Business to Business) 25/04/2017 Sofia
Bank Card Operations and Fraud Special... 05/04/2017 Varna
Business Development Executive 04/04/2017 Sofia
Chief Operations Officer 03/04/2017 Sofia
Accounting Clerk 03/04/2017 Sofia
Sales Executive 30/03/2017 Sofia
Office Assistant 28/03/2017 Sofia
Technical Support Specialist with Germ... 27/03/2017 Sofia
Sales Specialist 23/03/2017 Sofia
Office & Customer Relationship As... 21/03/2017 Sofia
Project Engineer – Mechanical De... 15/03/2017 Sofia
Office & Customer Relationship Co... 13/03/2017 Sofia
Mechanical Design Engineer 09/03/2017 Sofia
Buyer – Mechnical Engineering 06/03/2017 Sofia
Junior Accountant with French 06/03/2017 Sofia
Сервизен Инженер Електроника 02/03/2017 Sofia
Purchasing Specialist 27/02/2017 Sofia
Office Coordinator with French 23/02/2017 Sofia
Accountant 21/02/2017 Sofia
Technical Assistant with French 17/02/2017 Sofia
Administrative Assistant 14/02/2017 Sofia
Организатор производство и монтаж на 14/02/2017 Sofia/Botevgrad
Технически организатор в развоен отдел 13/02/2017 Sofia
Compliance Manager 10/02/2017 Sofia
Layout Design Engineer 07/02/2017 Sofia
Sales Representative 06/02/2017 Sofia
Office & Customer Relationship As... 03/02/2017 Sofia
Business Development Executive 01/02/2017 Sofia
Junior Sales Executive (Business to Bu... 31/01/2017 Sofia
Експерт Бизнес развитие, Маркетинг и П... 30/01/2017 Sofia
Product Designer (Mechanical Engineer) 30/01/2017 Sofia
Mechanical Design Engineers with Engli... 26/01/2017 Sofia
Business Development Specialist 26/01/2017 Sofia
Office Manager 25/01/2017 Sofia
Sales Executive (Air Logistics Divisio... 25/01/2017 Sofia
Automation Engineer 23/01/2017 Kardzhali
Production Manager 23/01/2017 Ruse
Мениджър Производство 19/01/2017 Veliko Tarnovo
Executive Secretary 18/01/2017 Sofia
Офис Сътрудник 18/01/2017 Varna
Инженер Електроника 16/01/2017 Sofia
Financial Reporting and Analysis Speci... 16/01/2017 Varna
Financial Analyst 13/01/2017 Varna
Личен асистент на Изпълнителния директ... 10/01/2017 V. Tarnovo
Sales Representative 10/01/2017 Sofia
Главен счетоводител 09/01/2017 Varna
Electronic Service Engineer 09/01/2017 Sofia
Researcher/Recruitment Associate 06/01/2017 Sofia
Accountant 05/01/2017 Sofia
Logistics and Warehouse Manager 21/12/2016 Sofia
Electrical Design Product Engineer 21/12/2016 Sofia
Purchasing Team Leader 19/12/2016 Sofia
Electrical Design Product Engineer 19/12/2016 Kardzhali
Manufacturing Automation Engineer 15/12/2016 Plovdiv
Purchasing Specialist 15/12/2016 Sofia
International Transport Manager 14/12/2016 Sofia
German Speaking Customer Service Repre... 13/12/2016 Varna
Director of Marketing 12/12/2016 Varna
Single Accountant 12/12/2016 Sofia
Chief Accountant 12/12/2016 Ruse
Търговец на автомобили 12/12/2016 Sofia
Junior/Senior Disponent (International... 08/12/2016 Sofia
Технически ръководители (груб строеж и... 02/12/2016 Sofia
Технически сътрудник (строително-инвес... 02/12/2016 Sofia
Специалист ПТО (строително-инвестицион... 02/12/2016 Sofia
Мениджър бизнес развитие 01/12/2016 Sofia
Transport Services Manager 01/12/2016 Sofia
Security Manager 30/11/2016 Sofia
Personal Assistant to CEO with Spanish... 29/11/2016 Varna
Sales Representative (Recruitment Serv... 29/11/2016 Sofia
Строителен инженер с английски език 28/11/2016 Варна
English Speaking Customer Service Repr... 23/11/2016 Varna
PR Manager 23/11/2016 Sofia
Data Processing Associate with German 17/11/2016 Sofia
Data Processing Associate with French 17/11/2016 Sofia
Оперативен счетоводител с английски ез... 16/11/2016 Ruse
Operations and Delivery Manager 14/11/2016 Sofia
Office Administrator 14/11/2016 Sofia
Office Manager & HR coordinator w... 14/11/2016 Sofia
French Speaking Customer Service Repre... 09/11/2016 Sofia
Process Training Team Leader 09/11/2016 Sofia
Сервизен инженер гаранционно обслужван... 09/11/2016 Varna
Office & Customer Relationship As... 09/11/2016 Varna
Accountant 08/11/2016 Ruse
Service Quality Team Leader 02/11/2016 Sofia
Автобояджия 02/11/2016 Sofia
Process Engineer 01/11/2016 Plovdiv
Finance Manager 28/10/2016 Sofia
Супервайзор производство 28/10/2016 Ruse
Strategic Business Development Manager 26/10/2016 Sofia
Учител в детска градина 26/10/2016 Sofia
Помощник-Възпитател в Детска Градина 26/10/2016 Sofia
Project Manager (Civil Engineer) 25/10/2016 Varna
Human Resources Manager 24/10/2016 Sofia
Senior IT Recruitment Specialist 24/10/2016 Sofia
Site Manager 24/10/2016 Sofia
Office Coordinator 24/10/2016 Varna
Business Development Manager (Russian ... 20/10/2016 Sofia
Engineering and Maintenance Manager 19/10/2016 Veliko Tarnovo
Recruitment Consultant 19/10/2016 Sofia
Асистент Продажби 18/10/2016 София
Самостоятелен Счетоводител 18/10/2016 София
Търговски Представител 17/10/2016 София
IT Vacancies Date Location
Technical Customer Service Advisor wit... 16/05/2024 Sofia
Technical Support Analyst with German 15/05/2024 Sofia
.NET Technical Lead 14/05/2024 Varna
2D Artist 13/05/2024 Sofia
Java Developer (Java, Spring, REST) 09/05/2024 Sofia
SAP Implementation Project Manager 07/05/2024 Sofia
Electronics Hardware Engineer 02/05/2024 Sofia
Experienced Database Developer 02/05/2024 Sofia
Hardware Development Engineer 30/04/2024 Sofia
Embedded Software Developer – C Progra... 29/04/2024 Plovdiv
Senior Windows Support Analyst 29/04/2024 Sofia
Java Developer / Microservices, Spring... 29/04/2024 Sofia
Senior SAP Master Data Specialist 22/04/2024 Sofia
Embedded Test Engineers 18/04/2024 Sofia
Game Mathematicians 16/04/2024 Sofia
Lead Data Architect 04/04/2024 Varna
Linux Server and Virtualisation Engine... 03/04/2024 Sofia
.NET Web Developer – Backend 03/04/2024 Sofia
Firmware Engineer / C Embedded Develop... 28/03/2024 Sofia
Python Developer / Image Processing 27/03/2024 Sofia
Automation Developer (Java) 14/03/2024 Sofia
Application Developer (.NET/JavaScript... 13/03/2024 Varna
C Embedded Developer (Linux) 12/03/2024 Sofia
Lead Data Engineer 26/02/2024 Varna
Process Project Coordinator (ASPICE) 22/02/2024 Sofia
IT Network Administrator 15/02/2024 Sofia
SW Quality Assurance Specialist (QA) &... 14/02/2024 Sofia
Senior Java Backend Developer 13/02/2024 Sofia
Electronic Systems Engineer 06/02/2024 Sofia
MS Dynamics 365 Implementation Analyst 22/01/2024 Varna
.NET Software Developer 17/01/2024 Sofia
Full Stack .NET Developer 15/01/2024 Varna
Backend .NET Web Developer 09/01/2024 Sofia
Project Coordinator 08/01/2024 Sofia
Product Owner 04/01/2024 Sofia
Game Designer 18/12/2023 Sofia
Linux DevOps Engineer 13/12/2023 Sofia
C++ Software Developer 11/12/2023 Sofia
Machine Learning / AI Engineer 31/10/2023 Sofia
IT Project Manager 26/10/2023 Sofia
Process Software Quality Assurance Spe... 16/10/2023 Sofia
Technical Compliance Officer 15/10/2023 Sofia
Senior Network and Cyber Security Engi... 12/10/2023 Sofia
SAP SD Consultant 10/10/2023 Sofia
Data Engineer 09/10/2023 Varna
RedHat Linux Administrator 03/10/2023 Sofia
Software Project Integration Manager 02/10/2023 Sofia
SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI) Sup... 25/09/2023 Sofia
Frontend Games Developer (Javascript/ ... 19/09/2023 Sofia
Linux Administrator 07/09/2023 Sofia
Junior IT Project Coordinator 04/09/2023 Sofia
SAP PP Consultant 30/08/2023 Sofia
Product Owner Low Code & Robotic ... 18/07/2023 Sofia
ETL / DWH Developer 10/07/2023 Sofia
SAP Basis Consultant 05/07/2023 Sofia
Junior SAP Global Trade Services (SAP ... 03/07/2023 Sofia
ETL – Informatica PowerCenter De... 30/06/2023 Sofia
Full Stack JavaScript Developer (Node.... 22/06/2023 Sofia
Model-based Software Developers (MATLA... 14/06/2023 Sofia
Senior C++ Software Developer 08/06/2023 Sofia
DevOps Cloud Engineer 26/05/2023 Varna
Senior SAP Global Trade Services (SAP ... 17/05/2023 Sofia
ETL – Informatica PowerCenter De... 16/05/2023 Sofia
Python Developer 09/05/2023 Sofia
Junior SAP Ariba Specialist 04/05/2023 Sofia
Frontend React.js Developer (Mid/Senio... 21/04/2023 Sofia
SAP Basis Solution Architect 20/04/2023 Sofia
Embedded Software Developer 19/04/2023 Plovdiv
Embedded Systems Validation Engineers 11/04/2023 Sofia
IT Project Manager 31/03/2023 Sofia
Unity Game Developer 29/03/2023 Sofia
Data Scientist 15/03/2023 Sofia
Cisco Unified Communications Engineer 08/03/2023 Sofia
Senior Business Intelligence Developer 01/03/2023 Sofia
Front End Developer – React/Java... 27/02/2023 Varna
Microsoft Support Engineer (Workplace) 24/02/2023 Sofia
SAP EWM Consultant 20/02/2023 Sofia
Linux Systems Administrator/ DevOps En... 03/02/2023 Sofia
VMware Solution Architect 01/02/2023 Sofia
Firmware / Hardware Engineer 30/01/2023 Sofia
Senior React Native Developer 25/01/2023 Sofia
Line Haul Algorithm and Planning Exper... 20/01/2023 Sofia
Big Data and Data Analytics Expert 16/01/2023 Sofia
Senior SAP Access Management Specialis... 11/01/2023 Sofia
Infrastructure Architect – VMware / Wi... 10/01/2023 Sofia
Python Automation Engineer 05/01/2023 Sofia
Senior Database Administrator 19/12/2022 Sofia
System Requirements Engineer 08/12/2022 Sofia
Java Spring Developer 17/11/2022 Sofia
Network Security Engineer 14/11/2022 Sofia
Technical Content and Communications W... 14/11/2022 Sofia
Experienced Node.js Developer 04/11/2022 Sofia
DevOps Engineer 25/10/2022 Varna
Front-end Angular Developer 24/10/2022 Sofia
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Devel... 21/10/2022 Sofia
Windows & Microsoft Support Engin... 18/10/2022 Sofia
Embedded C++ Software Developer 03/10/2022 Sofia
Development Process Quality Engineer 15/09/2022 Sofia
AWS DevOps Engineer 13/09/2022 Sofia
Software Engineer (Python/Java/Go) 08/08/2022 Sofia
IT Project Manager / Product Owner 03/08/2022 Sofia
Senior C++ Software Engineer 14/07/2022 Sofia
UX/UI Designer 12/07/2022 Varna
Experienced Angular Front-End Develope... 06/07/2022 Sofia
SQL Database Developer 04/07/2022 Sofia
IT Service Desk Agents with German 29/06/2022 Sofia
Java Solutions Architect 13/06/2022 Sofia
IT Implementation Project Manager 23/05/2022 Sofia
Senior Linux System Administrator 18/05/2022 Sofia
Embedded Hardware Engineer 11/05/2022 Sofia
Network Support Engineer 13/04/2022 Sofia
Senior Windows Support Analyst 14/02/2022 Sofia
Build/Release Engineer – DevOps 09/02/2022 Sofia
Hardware Engineer 03/02/2022 Sofia
Low-code Automation Developer 20/01/2022 Sofia
.Net / .Net Core Developer 12/01/2022 Sofia
Java Backend Developer 10/12/2021 Varna
Full Stack PHP Developer 09/12/2021 Sofia
SAP SD Specialist/Consultant 26/11/2021 Sofia
Senior QA Automation Engineer (Java) 18/11/2021 Sofia
Junior/ Mid PHP Developer 17/11/2021 Sofia
Frontend Developer – React.js/Ty... 11/11/2021 Varna
Internal IT Project Manager 08/11/2021 Sofia
PHP Developer 05/11/2021 Sofia
React.Js Developer 27/10/2021 Sofia
Hardware Design Engineer 30/04/2021 Sofia
DevOps Engineer – VMware/Linux s... 20/04/2021 Sofia
Junior C++ Software Developer 14/04/2021 Sofia
Technical Service Advisor with German 29/03/2021 Sofia
Javascript/ Typescript Developer 24/03/2021 Sofia
PostgreSQL Database Administrator 17/03/2021 Sofia
.Net / .Net Core Backend Developer 19/01/2021 Sofia
.Net Core Cloud Developer 15/12/2020 Sofia
Team Lead Automation 01/12/2020 Sofia
Senior Software Developer/Architect – ... 26/11/2020 Sofia
Software Quality Assurance Tester (QA) 18/11/2020 Sofia
QA Automation Engineer (Python) 17/11/2020 Sofia
SAP MM Consultant 10/11/2020 Varna
SQL/SSIS/ETL Developer 09/11/2020 Sofia
Full Stack Software Developer 06/11/2020 Plovdiv
Technical Support Analyst with Spanish... 05/11/2020 Sofia
Technical Support Analyst with English 04/11/2020 Sofia
UX/UI Designer 02/11/2020 Sofia
Senior Game Designer 30/10/2020 Sofia
Tech Lead DevOps Engineer: Build and R... 21/10/2020 Sofia
React Native Developer 15/10/2020 Sofia
DevOps Engineer 05/10/2020 Sofia
Experienced JavaScript Front End Devel... 29/09/2020 Sofia
JavaScript Developer (Node.js / React.... 21/09/2020 Sofia
C Embedded Software Engineers 18/09/2020 Sofia
Technical Client Services Executive wi... 07/05/2020 Sofia
Backend Java Developer (Java, Spring, ... 13/04/2020 Sofia
ETL Developer (Informatica) 08/04/2020 Sofia
SAP FI Consultant 24/03/2020 Sofia
Linux System Administrator 19/03/2020 Sofia
SAP SD Pricing Consultant 09/03/2020 Sofia
Frontend Developer (React.js) 14/02/2020 Sofia
Software Solutions Architect (.NET) 12/02/2020 Sofia
Software Quality Assurance Tester (QA) 28/01/2020 Sofia
C++ Software Engineer 18/12/2019 Sofia
.NET Software Developer 16/12/2019 Sofia
Linux Server Administrator 29/11/2019 Sofia
Technical Support Analyst with German 26/11/2019 Sofia
Angular Developers 26/11/2019 Varna
Backend PHP/MySQL Developer 18/11/2019 Sofia
Embedded C Software Engineer 13/11/2019 Sofia
Java / JavaEE Developer 06/11/2019 Sofia
Project Manager / Certification Specia... 04/11/2019 Sofia
Systems Administrator (VMware, Linux) 31/10/2019 Sofia
Hardware Engineer 29/10/2019 Plovdiv
Scrum Master 28/10/2019 Varna
DevOps Engineer – Linux/AWS/Kubernetes 25/10/2019 Sofia
Master Data Analyst (Vendors/Customers... 21/10/2019 Sofia
Frontend Developer – React.js 17/10/2019 Varna
Linux System Administrator 24/09/2019 Sofia
Java Developer 18/09/2019 Varna
Front end Developer 13/09/2019 Varna
Windows Server Support Analyst 06/08/2019 Sofia
Linux System Administrator (RedHat/Cen... 18/07/2019 Sofia
QA Test Engineer – Functional/In... 18/06/2019 Varna
C# / .NetDeveloper 20/05/2019 Varna
Java/J2EE Software Engineers 02/05/2019 Sofia
Windows System Administrator 15/04/2019 Sofia
Build/Release Software Engineer 10/04/2019 Sofia
.NET/C# Developer 02/04/2019 Sofia
AWS DevOps Engineer 29/03/2019 Sofia
Hardware Engineer, PCB 15/02/2019 Sofia
Continuous Integration Engineer 21/01/2019 Sofia
JavaScript Developer 15/01/2019 Varna
Mid – Senior Java Developer 11/01/2019 Varna
Hardware Test Engineer 12/12/2018 Sofia
Team Lead – Technical Support Analysts 12/12/2018 Sofia
Firmware Engineer / C Embedded 10/12/2018 Sofia
HW/SW Test Engineer in R&D Depart... 03/12/2018 Sofia
Junior IT Project Manager/Scrum Master 30/11/2018 Sofia
Backend Java/J2EE Developer 29/11/2018 Varna
German Speaking IT Service Desk Agents 19/11/2018 Sofia
Technical Support Engineer – SQL... 06/11/2018 Sofia
Firmware Engineer 29/10/2018 Sofia
Unix/Linux Administrator 26/10/2018 Sofia
Senior Software Engineer – C++ 19/10/2018 Sofia
MongoDB Developer 17/10/2018 Sofia
R&D Technical Documentation Speci... 15/10/2018 Sofia
SAP Linux Administrator 11/10/2018 Sofia
Software Toolchain Engineer (Python/Ja... 28/09/2018 Sofia
Full Stack React/Node JS Developer 10/09/2018 Sofia
React.js Developer 03/09/2018 Varna
Back-end PHP Developer 17/08/2018 Varna
Technical Cloud Customer Service Advis... 06/07/2018 Sofia
.Net Developer 09/05/2018 Varna
Android Developer 03/05/2018 Varna
Experienced Java Developers 02/05/2018 Sofia
SAP Basis Administrator 30/04/2018 Sofia
Data Scientist 26/04/2018 Sofia
Embedded Software Engineer 24/04/2018 Sofia
Data Scientist 24/04/2018 Varna
Senior Java/J2EE Software Engineers 19/04/2018 Sofia
Embedded Software Engineer (C/C++) 18/04/2018 Sofia
Team Lead IT Shared Service Centre 16/04/2018 Sofia
SAP Sales & Distribution Consulta... 16/04/2018 Sofia
Windows Server Administrator 12/04/2018 Varna
Senior DevOps Engineer 12/04/2018 Sofia
Web Graphic Designer 11/04/2018 Varna
Experienced C++ Developer 10/04/2018 Sofia
Software Development Tools Engineer 10/04/2018 Sofia
Java Eclipse IDE Developer 10/04/2018 Sofia
Experienced C++ Developer 05/12/2017 Sofia
PHP/MySQL Reporting Developer 21/11/2017 Sofia
PHP Developer 15/11/2017 Varna
Senior PHP/MySQL Developer 15/11/2017 Sofia
Data Scientist 08/11/2017 Varna
Senior Java EE Developers (Cloud Based... 04/04/2017 Sofia
PHP Developer (Back-End) 03/04/2017 Sofia
Senior Front End Software Engineers 03/04/2017 Sofia
Test Engineer 29/03/2017 Sofia
Quality Assurance Analyst & Proce... 29/03/2017 Sofia
Angular/ React Front-end Developers 27/03/2017 Sofia
Full-Stack PHP Developer 22/03/2017 Sofia
Process improvement and QA Specialist ... 22/03/2017 Sofia
Network Administrator 21/03/2017 Sofia
Digital Hardware Design Engineer 16/03/2017 Sofia
.Net Developer 15/03/2017 Varna
.Net Developer 13/03/2017 Varna/Sofia
Junior Java Developers 08/03/2017 Sofia
Mid-Level Agile Java Developers (Cloud... 06/03/2017 Sofia
JavaScript Developer 02/03/2017 Sofia
Process Quality Assurance Specialist 27/02/2017 Sofia
Digital Hardware Engineer 15/02/2017 Sofia
C++/MFC Developer 15/02/2017 Sofia
PHP Developer 10/02/2017 Sofia
Web Graphic Designer 10/02/2017 Sofia
Application System Administrator 10/02/2017 Sofia
Senior Java Developer 08/02/2017 Sofia
Database Developer 06/02/2017 Sofia
Group IT Projects Manager 06/02/2017 Sofia
Automation Testing QA Specialists (Clo... 02/02/2017 Sofia
C++ Developer 30/01/2017 Sofia
FLASH Developer 27/01/2017 Sofia
PHP Програмист 23/01/2017 Sofia
Junior C Embedded Developer 18/01/2017 Sofia
QA Specialist 18/01/2017 Sofia
Hardware/Firmware Engineer 11/01/2017 Sofia
PHP Team Leader 10/01/2017 Plovdiv
Junior Mid-Level Agile Java Developer... 09/01/2017 Sofia
SAP BW/BI/BO Specialists 09/01/2017 Sofia
Senior Agile Java Developers ( Cloud S... 05/01/2017 Sofia
Проектант – хардуер и фърмуер 05/01/2017 Sofia
Automotive Functional Safety Engineer 21/12/2016 Sofia
C# .NET Developer 19/12/2016 Varna
SAP Specialist 19/12/2016 Varna
SAP ABAP Developer 19/12/2016 Varna
Embedded SW Developer (C/C++) 13/12/2016 Sofia
Business Intelligence Analyst 13/12/2016 Sofia
Senior C++ Developer 09/12/2016 Sofia
Junior .NET Developer 06/12/2016 Varna
System administrator – Windows a... 06/12/2016 Sofia
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Useful information

CV Writing Tips

First impressions are crucial, especially when creating a CV. You are marketing yourself as the best person for the role. That is why the content and the ability to catch the attention of the employer are far more important than the physical look of the CV. 

  • • Reel the reader with a brief introduction listing your key achievements. 
  • • Describe your jobs. Don’t just list the job title. State the following: Who did you deal with? What did you do? Did you work alone or in a team? What were your main responsibilities?
  • • Be accurate. Make sure the dates are correct and include the month and year of the period of employment.
  • • Start with your most recent employment or education and list backwards.
  • • Account for any gaps in your employment history. Perhaps you were travelling, went back for further education, etc.

Cover Letter Tips

A cover letter accompanies a CV (and/or completed application form). It's an opportunity to highlight what's in your CV and to provide real examples to support your ability to do the job. Some recruiters place more emphasis on the cover letter than the CV so it pays to take care with it.

What should I write in a cover letter?

Unless you are asked to apply by letter of application only, a cover letter should be brief and drive home the key aspects of why you are a good candidate. It should summarise what's in your CV, by emphasising your key strengths in relation to the job.

A cover letter should include a heading to make it clear which job you're applying for and, following the introductory paragraph, it can take the form of bullet points or short statements. It should also include your own name, address and contact details.

How do I start and end a cover letter?

Make it clear which job you're referring to by using a heading and an opening line such as, 'In response to your advertisement on the XXXXXX website for the role of XXXXXX, I write to enclose my CV'. 

If you're given a named person you should address the letter to that. If you don't know the name of the person, but have a job title, such as the HR manager, you should address the letter to the HR manager, and include Dear Sir or Madam, and end with Yours faithfully, ...

A cover letter should always end positively and look ahead to the next stage, for example, 'I would be happy to provide further information at an interview' or 'I look forward to hearing from you'.

Interview Preparation

When you are called to an interview remember that the best prepared candidate has the best chance of getting the job. Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail!

  • Read the job specification carefully! The job description will tell you exactly what a hiring company is looking for and it will give you plenty of keywords and characteristics. Prepare examples related to the keywords and characteristics and use this in an interview!
  • Research the company! Don’t just read the homepage of the company that is interviewing you; make sure you know some of their products and other information (profits, news, etc) that shows you have done your research. Look at which their clients are and why they are clients (referrals).
  • Research who is interviewing you! For senior roles, one of the best way to impress the person that is interviewing you is to show you know who they are and what they have done. Many decision makers have an online profile and it’s easy to view their career path.
  • And most importantly Know yourself! Make sure you have examples ready of relevant work experience. As well make sure you know your facts. If you have worked with targets in the past whether it was in sales, customer service, etc, make sure you know them!
Prepare a couple of questions before to demonstrate your interest in the company:

Always prepare questions for you to ask the employer regarding your role and their business, again this shows interest and your questions may uncover some useful factors for you to consider above what you know already.
How many people work for the business / work within this team?
What is the reporting structure?
How do you see the company changing in the next 3-5 years?
Does the business have any major plans in the foreseeable future that may affect this position?
What are the chances of progression?
Plan your route
It sounds simple, but first impressions count and you will be more relaxed for your meeting. Plan your journey to the interview in advance to ensure you will arrive at least 10 minutes early, taking into account mode of transport, parking, traffic and possible delays.

During Your Interview

Make a good first impression and give a firm hand shake.
Make eye contact with the person addressing you throughout the interview.
Dress professionally.
Be aware of your body language – what is it saying about you? Don’t fold your arms or look out of the window, sit up straight.
Smile, enjoy your meeting, engage the person talking to you, be polite.
Listen to the questions properly. Don’t feel the need to rush into the answer, think about your response. If needed, ask for the question to be clarified again. Give concise and logical answers to the questions asked – compose your answer, take a breath if you feel that you are muddled, then continue.
If it feels right then ask a closing question at the end of your interview i.e. “following my interview today, is there any reason why you would not want to progress my application?” this gives you opportunity to overcome any concerns or queries the interviewer may have regarding the answers you have provided. This also acts as an expression of your interest in the position.


  • “I would like to express my great impressions from the HMG links team and personally from Magi. She helped me to start working with Industry Management. She had a high professional and at the same time empathic and personal approach. I was very pleasant having the opportunity to communicate with her. I would strongly recommend the services of HMG links and I wish them a lot of success, because it is well deserved!”

    Rositsa Georgieva Accounting manager at Industry Management
  • “I would like to express my great gratitude to the team of HMG LINKS for their support.
    Magi and Mihail were both very helpful and kind. In searching of suitable position they try to find out all qualities and abilities in every candidate.
    Thank you, HMG LINKS! Keep on being such professional!”

    Valya Velkova .NET Specialist at Devnya Business Center
  • “I want to highly recommend HMG LINKS as a recruitment company. I would like to share my satisfaction with HMG LINKS that helped me to find my current job position. I have been interviewed by Magi and Mihail and have the best impression of them as professionals. They find me in Linked In. The interviews were informal and pleasant, Magi and Mihail were both very warm and helpful. Many thanks to Mihail and Magi and HMG LINKS!”

    Petyo Minchev Project Engineer at Industry Management
  • “I want to express my gratitude to HMG LINKS team and especially. They are great professionals and they were ready to help me at any time. They helped me to find a new job in an international company where I have a chance to develop myself and meet new people from all over the world.
    Manny thanks to the team of HMG LINKS.”

    Filip Iliev Hardware Application Engineer at XPEQT
  • “My interviews at HMG LINKS were the first job intervews conducted professionally. They impressed me with their desire to find the best qualities in me and use them to find the best job for me. They listened to my requirements and did everything possible to  find the best employer for me. I am grateful to Magi and her colleagues for helping me find the most suitable job for me.”

    Dilyana Kirilova Personal Assistant at KAI Group
  • “I want to highly recommend HMG LINKS as a recruitment company. I have been interviewed by Magi and Mihail and have the best impression of them as professionals. The interviews were informal and pleasant, Magi and Mihail were both very warm and helpful. I am very thankful to them for helping me to find my current job and all the support.”

    Vyara Petrova RTV Specialist at Ingram Micro
  • “Many thanks to Magi and Mihail for their assistance, professional attitude and willingness provided to me. It was a pleasure to work with you.
    I would like to thank you once again for your significant contribution to my career development.”

    Zlatina Yankova Office Manager at TIS Bulgaria
  • “I would like to share my satisfaction with HMG LINKS that helped me to find my current job position. My initial interviews were with Magi and Mihail. I was impressed how professional they led the conversations and how made me feel at ease speaking about my previous experience and qualification. We went into great details about my practice and all the time I felt as if I was talking to colleagues from my field of work. All arrangements with their agency were made in strict manner and I was provided with all the assistance needed to get at the best pace for my future job assignment. Thank you, HMG LINKS!”

    Radostina Ganeva Marketing and PR Manager at Euro Games Technology
  • “I had one interview with HMG LINKS specialist – Magi. I was really impressed of her willing to find the perfect job for me. She is a good professional who is working with the best IT companies and she knows what is best for you. Magi is awlays ready to help you with the details providing all the information that you need. Thank you, Magi.”

    Nikolay Todorov Web Developer at Taxback
  • “From the first touch with Nikolay Bozhkov from HMG LINKS I was impressed. Nikolay’s approach was very professional, flexible and understanding in a way that he understood my skills and strengths very well to be able to match me with a potential employer from day one.
    I would definitely recommend Nikolay and HMG LINKS company as your personal recruitment assistant. They will go the extra mile to organize all necessary settings and follow up into your professional interest.”

    Kalin Chernev Web Developer at ACSO Bulgaria
  • “I had two interviews with HMG LINKS specialists. The first one was with Magi and I was impressed of her willing to know all the details about me and her efforts to understand me. The second one was with Mihail who was a kind of firm but on the other hand he was just and benevolent.
    They both are great professionals and my time with them was very prolific. I found the longed-for job I had been looking for in the past 5 months. Thank you HMG LINKS team!”

    Alexander Belov Project Manager Civil Engineering
  • “They offered me to join a fast growing company with top notch technology in the automotive industry with great possibility of personal development and travelling.
    And this was exactly what I was looking for.”

    Dario Fanciullo C Embedded Developer
  • “The team of HMG LINKS was thorough and precise at every stage of the recruitment process for the position I applied for. They paid lots of attention to me in order to get to know me and to find out what my professional desires and abilities were. They were always friendly and kind, ready to answer all the questions which arose in the process. They helped me find the most suitable position for me.
    Thank you!”

    Krasimira Dobreva Sales and Marketing Assistant at JPL Ltd.
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